About Us


China Special Metal Group Limited (CSM), a supplier of Metallurgical Machinery, Cement & Mining machinery, Copper Foil Manufacturing Facilities, devotes to offer high quality of slag pots, casting ladle, ingot mold, Vertical Mill, high-precision machining products, and welded fabrications to valued customers from all over the world. Meanwhile, we offer the design engineering and turnkey project as well.

Our group

Our group owns four mainly manufacturing bases. Casting bases in Xinxiang and Yiyang; the welding fabrication base in Wuxi;Special alloy base in Xi’an. Our Shanghai base is the commercial and engineering center. We have our own ISO 9001 certificate.

- We have 2 sets of 30 Ton alkaline electric arc furnace; 8sets of transferring ladle with capacity of 35ton, 50tons, and 75tons; 2 sets of baked charter; 4 sets of large heat treatment furnace and the supporting facilities including oxygen generation station, air compression plant, natural gas station, CO station and 22 sets of lifting equipment machines. The lifting capacity reaches 200tons. We own 5 sets of large-scale molding equipment. Meanwhile, we also have the GS1000 vacuum direct reading spectrometer made by OBLF and other inspection equipments like carbon sulfide high-speed analyzer, microcomputer three elements of high-speed analyzer, digital ultrasonic flaw detector, multipurpose magnetic powder flaw detector such as chemical equipment, except that we also own leveraged universal strength tester, SAC thumping machine. Simulating the casting process by the CAE software to ensures the new quality level castings. All the castings are process by arc gouging, carbon dioxide gas gouging, shot-blasted in order to get the surface quality.

- We have CNC machining center, which is equipped by advanced machines such as the vertical lathe of OD2.5M, OD4M, OD5M, OD6.3M, OD8M, OD10M; gear hobbing machine of OD3.15M, OD3.2M,OD5M, OD6.8M, OD8M, OD10M; W250G CNC boring and milling machine; XK2755*200/25*20 CNC girder-set mobile boring and milling lathe; T6920 heavy boring and milling machine; off-line open arc welding machine; 150T automatic submerged arc welding; OD6.2*20M cylinder lathe; CNC plasma cutting machine; CNC blaze cutting machine; 16M edge planning machine; 150T gantry crane.

Our products

Our products include Metallurgical equipment, Cement machinery, Mining machinery, Hydraulic and Electrical Machinery, Construction machinery, Wind Power generation, etc. The castings singe weight is up to 120MT. The main products are casting ladles, slag pot, ingot moulds, mill housings, chucks, girth gear & wheel for cement and mining machinery, grinding table and grinding roller for mills, case and covers for pumps, body and beams for all kinds of machine.

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